Time to Let Go!

Agency leaders may be intimidated by the idea of a team of volunteers being self-directed and working on an important project. Even though the project is needed and may improve the lives of clients, sometimes hesitation, and even fear, prevails.

Here’s why organizations should neither hesitate nor fear, and ultimately should feel confident in letting go. The SDV Team process includes connections to the organization.

Connection #1

Staff of the organization develop an Issue Brief which identifies the issue, discusses ramifications, provides data and other pertinent information to the team around the topic from the agency’s perspective.  

Connection #2

The Key Staff Person (KSP) supports the work of the team, through the Team Facilitator, to initiate a Team Charter. The KSP is a trained arbiter of the team’s readiness to move forward.  With these key connections in place, the team moves forward to develop a Project Plan.

During the high-intensity beginning stage, the KSP serves to orient team members to the organization and the organization to the work of the team.  The team learns organizational protocols and provides timely reports and updates to the agency and staff.

Now It’s Time to Let Go!

Relinquishing control is a gradual process and builds upon trust in the process and the volunteer team. The KSP defers more roles (and commits less time) to the team as it matures and works its Project Plan. The foundational connections provide a smooth transition and serve to reassure leaders that they are about to reap benefits from a fully capable Self Directed Volunteer Team.

By: Christine Beatty, Senior Advisor – christine@sdvnetwork.com

For more information on the criteria and roles of the Key Staff Person and Team Facilitator, please contact us.

SDV Network has researched and developed a structured framework for engaging and implementing Self Directed Volunteer Teams (SDV Teams). Let us help you get your teams going!

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