Case Study

Case Study 4

Sustainable health promotions across the Barron, Rusk & Washburn counties.

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The Problem

ADRC-BRW nonprofit agency helps older adults and people with disabilities in the Barron, Rusk and Washburn counties of Southern Wisconsin. They focus on supporting clients to make the most of their own resources, stay as independent as possible and delay or prevent the need for potentially expensive long-term care.

What we did

Guided by SDV Network coaches, a core team of four volunteers developed their plan for how best to help the agency address their need. They decided to work on a project to restructure the components and processes for ADRC health
promotion programs RATHER THAN focus on expansion of services initially.

The Outcome
  • Recruited and developed new databases of volunteers, community partners and program co-ordinaters.

  • Developed manuals and toolkits for consistent and easily replicable program delivery.

  • Scheduled and hosted five ‘beta’ programs to test and refine their new tools and processes.

What they said

“We accomplished what we set out to do. We appreciated the SDV
Team structure, guidance and focus on tangible outcomes. The agency
now has the tools and templates needed for coordination of health
promotion programs. This responsibility has been taken off my plate by
volunteers and I can focus on other strategic responsibilities.”

– Peggy Schmidt, Health Promotion Specialist , ADRC

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Agency assessment

Key staf recruitment

Facilitator recruitment



Issue briefing

Charter creation

Volunteer recruitment




Volunteer workshops

Progress tracking

Group coaching

Project implementation

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