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United Neighborhood Houses

Strengthening Communities

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United Neighborhood Houses (UNH) is a policy and social change organization representing 43 neighborhood settlement houses that reaches 765,000 New Yorkers from all walks of life.

With most member agencies operating out of low income communities, the organization wanted to utilize a neighborhood-based approach to mobilize residents to help address the issues faced in their local communities.

A Productive Partnership

The issue-based, project-focused, team approach of the SDV Team model matched the needs of UNH and gave personal agency to the volunteers to address needs they cared about in their local communities.

Successful Replication

Starting with 8 teams in 2014, UNH has implemented over 20 teams across the boroughs of New York City.

  • Replication is supported by a customized Toolkit provided by SDV Network.
  • UNH was able to secure additional partnerships, which has ultimately led to an even broader network of volunteer teams.
  • Integrating the unique needs and opportunities in the UNH communities is key to success.

“The customized toolkit helps maintain the fidelity of the SDV Team model and ensures easy adoption in the unique communities served by UNH.”

Fulfilling the Vision

The SDV Teams process provided a stable and versatile base from which UNH has been able to continue engaging an ever increasing  network  of volunteers to implement real and lasting change in their communities and neighborhoods.


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Case Study

United Neighbouhood Houses

SDV Teams Strengthening Communities

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