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Trust the process

United Way of Marathon County

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The issue that brought them together

The Healthy Aging Self Directed Volunteer Team of Marathon County includes community leaders who are PASSIONATE about ensuring that the growing demographic of older adults in their community live their best lives.


“[People] often fail to access the information, programs or support that could be helpful to them due to lack of awareness or understanding of how and where those services can be accessed.  Many are unaware or lack understanding of healthy aging concepts and the many positive benefits which applying that knowledge can provide.”

Team goals

Initiate and support opportunities to:

  • promote and provide awareness, knowledge and understanding of healthy aging concepts.
  • promote awareness of programs, services and resources in the community that support healthy aging.
  • promote collaboration among community agencies and local government in support of programs, services, and quality of life for older adults in Marathon County.

How the SDV Team process helped us achieve success:

  • “It guided us to clarify the issue we wanted to address and gave us a format and process to establish the team’s operating process.”
  • “What is awesome is that the SDV Team Issue Brief process, though initially painstaking, guided us to a clear and solid idea of why the team exists.”
  • “The process of developing the Charter helped us create our own guidelines of how the team would operate.”

Team Facilitator, Tony Omernik, says, “The SDV Teams process provides a meaningful framework that, in turn, allows us to be opportunistic. It removes the traditional volunteer management guardrails and boxes that limit making meaningful impact.”

Making deep and meaningful community impact

“Being part of the Self Directed Volunteer Team approach has been a very positive experience for our group. The approach has provided direction and focus to do our work efficiently and effectively.  Our team is varied in age, background, profession and skill, but we share a common thread.  We value and respect the contributions each member brings to the group.  We are passionate about providing awareness, knowledge and understanding about healthy aging concepts in our community. The SDV Team model has exceptional value.  Period.


Susan Krolow, RSVP Director, United Way of Marathon County

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Case study

Trust the process

United Way of Marathon County

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