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6 Ways to be a Horrible Team Facilitator

Congratulations! So you are the Team Facilitator. This is one of the most important roles in a Self Directed Volunteer™ group. Being the Team Facilitator requires you to have characteristics in order to be effective. This includes being positive, energetic, empowering, motivating, communicative and yet still humbly putting the needs of the group before their […]

Free Collaboration Tools for your SDV Team – Part 2

Welcome back to our ongoing series of free online tools we recommend to facilitate collaboration in your Self Directed Volunteer team. In our first post we examined using a tool like Asana to assist you in project management and Evernote for information sharing. Today we’ll look at two more sharing-based tools: Dropbox and Skype. 3. […]

Free Collaboration Tools for your SDV Team – Part 1

The beauty of being part of a Self Directed Team™ is the autonomous nature of your group. In an SDV team™ each person plays their own integral role with the combined mutual efforts accomplishing goals bigger than any one person could accomplish on their own. As your team is made up of volunteers however it […]